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Remembering the Form Sequence

Updated: May 11, 2022

Many students cannot remember the practice steps on their own. Memory techniques make it easy to recall vast amounts of information. We can make use of a simple story-telling method. Probably, you will remember the sequence after a single time hearing the story. If needed, replay the video again until it sticks in your mind, and act out the story's movements to help your memory.

Snake & Turtle Visit Family for Dinner

Imagine walking up to the building that makes you the most joyful. Perhaps your childhood home or your house on a warm spring day. A light warm rain falls on your head, washing down your body. This image will remind you of the Turtle Standing in the Rain.

The door opens, and your favorite person or people meet you. See them smile and welcome you, offering you food. Rub your belly in anticipation of the delicious meal. This will remind you of “Turtle Warming its Belly.”

Before you eat, you are approached by some children that you know well and who always make you smile. They beg you to play with them before you eat, pulling downward on one arm and then the other in their eagerness. This excitement will help you recall the movement “Snake Softens its Sides.”

You decide to play with the kids by using a hula-hoop toy. Let the movements in your imagination remind you of the three parts of the “Swaying Movement Shaking the Tail.” The hoop starts low, reminding you of “Snake Twirling its Tail.”

Then it starts moving faster, traveling higher on your waist, and reminding you of the “Green Snake Hips” exercise.

As the hoop moves up your body, it circles comfortably around your neck. This activity will remind you of the gentle “Red Snake Softens its Neck” movements.

The hula-hoop goes too high on your body and then flies up. You and the kids laugh as it launches upward off your head. Watch it rise above you and follow it through the air until it lands on the ground at your feet. This image will remind you of “Snake Lengthens its Spine.”

Your friend calls out that you should come to the kitchen, and you look over your shoulder to talk back to them. This twisting movement will quickly remind you of “Black Snake Loosens its Waist.”

Before joining your friend, please help the kids put their toys away. Reach a hand down, lift an object to put it on a shelf, and do the same with your other hand. This motion will remind you of “White Snake Opens its Chest.”

Smile to yourself as you take a cup of your favorite drink from your friend. Place it in your palm and swing it around your body. This idea will help you remember to practice “Golden Snake Loosens its Shoulders.”

Your favorite song comes on, and you put the drink down to dance freely. Imagine yourself dancing expressively and let this remind you of “Turtle Spirit Playing in the Water.”

When you’re finished dancing, look down and realize that you forgot to wear nice clothing before visiting your friends. I know it’s silly, but that’s what makes it memorable! Look down at your shoes & pants, and this movement will remind you of “Turtle Drinking Qi.”

Luckily, your friend is kind enough to give you some new clothing. Reach up into their closet and put on the most beautiful clothes you have ever seen. This will remind you of the exercise “Earth Snake Rises.”

These attractive clothes have been in the closet for quite a while. Swing your arms around to pat off the dust. Let this remind you of “Snake Shakes its Tail.”

Stand still for a moment and admire your new clothes in a mirror. This posture will help you remember to pause and practice “Snake & Turtle Rest” at the end of every sequence.

As you walk out to enjoy a meal with your friends, imagine that everyone pats you on the back and shoulders as they complement your new clothing. Allow the good feelings and friendly actions to remind you of the “Snake Shedding its Skin” exercises.

Recite this miniature story to yourself each time you practice until you recall the sequence on your own. The good feelings that you generate by thinking of your loved ones will also permeate your practice and make it that much easier to train.

Here is a short list of the movements to keep for yourself:

1. Snake and Turtle Join Their Qi

2. Two Dragons Play With a Ball

3. Sway Left and Right Like a Wave

4. Sway the Head and Shake the Tail

a. Hang the Waist and Rotate the Buttocks

b. Lotus Leaf Swaying in the Wind

c. Sway the Head and Shake the Tail

5. Sway Back and Forth Like a Wave

6. Black Snake Coiling Around a Tree

7. White Snake Flicks its Tongue

8. Golden Snake Coiling Around a Tree

9. Turtle Spirit Playing in the Water

10. Turtle God Drinking Qi

11. Snake Spirit Standing Up

12. Mighty Snake Shakes its Tail

13. Snake and Turtle Swallow Qi

Remember that this is only a tiny part of a more extensive system and sequence of teaching videos. Subscribe to my channel to learn more!

Make sure that you begin your practice at the beginning of the sequence

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