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Snake & Turtle
What Is Snake & Turtle Qigong?

The Snake & Turtle Qigong series is an ancient and effective method of healing the body through gentle movement and quiet attention of the mind. 


This practice and instruction will emphasize healing of the spine & back (the snake & the turtle) and is also a balanced sequence appropriate for the daily enjoyment of most people.

I will present the teaching material step-by-step to help beginners develop confidence and more profound skills. Avoid skipping steps or becoming overconfident about your progress. We cannot attain healing because of mere intellectual accomplishment. Follow the directions. Practice consistently. Be patient.

Who Am I?

My name is John Blue, and I'm an experienced qigong instructor with a Master's degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

I live and train in a Daoist monastery where I  am a disciple, a lineage holder in methods of Taiji Quan and Qigong, and am a dedicated instructor of meditation. 

I have taught thousands of people, and am genuine in my passion to help you

cultivate a healthy body & mind!

I am no great master, but I have sought some of the best instructors in the world. For decades, I have led community clinics in the forests of Costa Rica and the USA, traveled the world studying healing and wellness methods, and continue to train for hours each day.



All credit for passing on the Snake & Turtle method goes to Shoko Zama. I know that many people out there share my gratitude for her generosity. 


We can thank the famous Master ZhiCheng for teaching me how to guide students to gain internal skills and deepen their healing capacity.


As you find yourself feeling better and more vibrant during this exploration, please take a moment to share your appreciation with these two world-class instructors!  (


John Lucky Blue
How Did I Learn About Snake & Turtle Qigong?
John Lucky Blue

“A master living in Seattle teaches a movement series that is famous for healing the back.” I was willing to try anything to help my chronic pain, and this was advice coming directly from a professor in graduate school. To be honest, the discomfort was a large part of why I had studied medicine. Years of seeking therapy, training, & treatment had done very little to ease the pain & tension.

Sound familiar? 

Intrigued, I arranged private sessions immediately, and the lessons were as perplexing as they were eye-opening. A few friends also suffering from chronic spinal issues shared in the training. Even as young yoga instructors and active athletes, we all immediately noticed a wooden disconnection within our bodies. Master Shoko Zama used the Snake & Turtle sequence to help us uncover and disentangle aspects of our body-mind that we had never imagined.


Decades later, we’ve experienced profound changes through diligent practice, and I have shared it with hundreds of people all over the world.

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