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Important Medical Considerations

Updated: May 11, 2022

Gentleness is an expression of wisdom.

Learn to listen with the whole body, take your time,

and find a way to let movement become nourishing.

Disclaimer: The information in this video is for educational purposes only.

It is not a substitute for informed medical advice or care.

Please consult a doctor with any questions or concerns regarding your condition. The producers of this material assume no liability or responsibility for accidents or injury to persons or property that result from the misuse of this content.

Please be kind to your body! I want every person who sees this to have only positive results.

Snake Turtle Qigong is a simple sequence of movements that can be a significant part of healing the body-mind. It is an expression of a more extensive system of wellness that informs our cultivation, and we will explore each step along the way in detail. Daily practice with the form will soften the body, aid circulation, and train a healthier movement style.

After many years of sharing this practice with hundreds of people, I've collected a small mountain of inspiring success stories. For now, I'd like to share one I heard this morning to illustrate how healing accumulates. After a year of proper training, a friend is experiencing significant health improvements. After learning to release the accumulation of tension and correct her posture, chronic neck and back pain is quickly easing. Now that she is learning to quiet her mind and calm her anxiety, her chronic insomnia symptoms are disappearing, and she is becoming well-rested. Now her mood and energy levels during the day are skyrocketing, and she has even noticed a boost in work performance that has led to a raise. I’m excited to see how much better she feels as she enters the next training phase!

To be clear, I am not making promises that practicing qigong will get you a raise at work. Yet, by making small but significant changes to your lifestyle and practicing regular gentle training with your body, you will experience impacts in your life that will surprise you.

Within this series, I emphasize the treatment and prevention of most causes of back pain & injury. For instance, by mindfully cultivating balance, grounding, and stability, we may prevent falling, the most common cause of acute injury. By training to reshape our movements to avoid strain, weakness, tension, degeneration, and misalignment, we find that our entire body becomes healthier and more vibrant. These are the kinds of transformations that change lives.

We do not use momentum, intense stretches, inverted postures, or exercises often considered dangerous for people with spinal issues, arthritis, or other chronic health concerns. However, qigong is not magic or a cure-all. If you are nervous about beginning a new practice, have special needs, or are enduring a dangerous condition, it's worth consulting a specialist first. Symptoms may include a delicate pregnancy, people who cannot remain vertical without great effort, or anyone differently-abled and uncertain how to cope with whole-body movement. I will provide practices that can be done seated and be as sensitive as possible to people who need a different approach. We can get creative and work together if required.

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The Next Step:

Subscribe to my channel, and then move on to the next videos on the list. It’s time to begin learning each of the exercises in a little more detail, beginning with an overview.

Suggested Homework:

Connect with various doctors to receive a diagnosis of your difficulties. The best way to heal is to understand what is going wrong. You may consult doctors & specialists from many corners of the medical world, my favorite being a traditional Chinese medicine doctor. I also offer consultations online by donation when my schedule allows.

Happy training!

Remember that this is only a tiny part of a more extensive system and sequence of teaching videos. Subscribe to my channel to learn more!

Make sure that you begin your practice at the beginning of the sequence

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Yung Sahm

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