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How I was Introduced to Snake & Turtle Qigong

Updated: May 11, 2022

To Shoko Sensei, who opened the door to healing;
& Zhicheng Shifu, who showed me the way through.

Having a body that becomes locked into a rigid & painful position was always a fear of mine. Call it a remnant from childhood. Some people fear spiders; I was scared of paralysis. Also, ...spiders.

-John Blue


“A master living in Seattle teaches a movement series that is famous for healing the back.” I was willing to try anything to help my chronic pain, and this was advice coming directly from a professor in graduate school. To be honest, the discomfort was a large part of why I had studied medicine. Years of seeking therapy, training, & treatment had done very little to ease the pain & tension.

Sound familiar?

Intrigued, I arranged private sessions immediately, and the lessons were as perplexing as they were eye-opening. A few friends also suffering from chronic spinal issues shared in the training. Even as young yoga instructors and active athletes, we all immediately noticed a wooden disconnection within our bodies. Master Shoko Zama used the Snake & Turtle sequence to help us uncover and disentangle aspects of our body-mind that we had never imagined. Decades later, we’ve experienced profound changes through diligent practice, and I have shared it with hundreds of people all over the world.

Check out my video introduction:

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Yung Sahm

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