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Snake and Turtle

& Turtle

Ancient & effective movement practice for a healthy back

What Is Snake & Turtle Qigong?

Grounded in softness and fluidity, Snake & Turtle Qigong emphasizes nourishing the whole person while healing their back.

Cultivate strength through stability, flexibility through release, and vitality through circulation.

This is part of a complete system of practice, so please follow the recommended sequence of videos


Cultivate step by step.  


"A long journey begins under your feet."

John Lucky Blue
Practice Areas

Instruction Videos

Please follow the sequence!
Begin at the beginning, and you'll improve much more quickly.


Introduction to the Practice

These videos offer an overview of the training for beginners.


Deepen Your Foundation Skills

Qigong principles that make this  method famously effective.

Develop the ability to practice the sequence on your own.

A series of 1-minute excerpts

from this series.

Full Training Sessions:
Guided & Silent

Follow me through the sequence in a traditional class.

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